And you, what goals can you achieve?

Innovation has to deliver tangible outcomes. That is the promise we stand up to with a new Results Guaranteed Idea Management offer. By implementing our solution and complying with the required key success factors, you get more and better ideas and higher engagement levels in three months only.

Exago’s is the only Idea Management solution that guarantees results. You pay only if initial goals are achieved or if you want to keep using our solution.

Our model reinvents traditional idea management programs – that often prove ineffective when faced with organisations’ current business challenges, because they lack tangible outcomes – to drive innovative progress within your company.

A proven model
Exago’s Idea Management solution is based on services and a software platform that boost the visibility of innovation efforts and use collective intelligence to tackle your key challenges. It has been thoroughly used over many years of practice, evolving to efficiently and sustainably deliver results to clients, from all sizes, industries expertise and diverse languages, on four continents.

Interested? Learn more here.

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