Exago’s client Chilectra in ‘top 3’ for innovation

For the second year in a row, Chilectra, from the Endesa group, has been recognised for its innovative culture in the ‘Ranking of Creative Corporate Cultures’ put out by the University for Development and MMC Consultants in Chile. This power company has been using Exago´s idea management software since 2012, in line with its counterparts in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

Chilectra has guaranteed its presence in the country’s ‘top 3’ by:

  • ‘Understanding innovation as value creation that transforms high potential ideas in processes, technologies and new business lines improvements’
  • ‘[Maintaining] a longstanding innovation programme and a strategy based on the use of elements that gather the company’s energy through people’s collective intelligence: its own employees highlight how the company has the most developed system of resources and incentives for innovation among the organisations assessed this year’
  • ‘[Encouraging] a high level of commitment, challenging work and leadership: all these components allow Chilectra to establish itself as a leader in innovation nationwide’

Now in its second edition, the ‘Ranking of Creative Corporate Cultures’ provides a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the culture for creativity and innovation in companies in Chile. Despite coming from very different industries, the selected companies share a common trait: ‘They have put people at the centre of their innovation strategy, recognising that each worker has the ability to improve and create value.’

Chile has become a case study in growing innovation, with its own ‘Chilecon Valley’. In late 2013, the capital of Santiago was named one of the world’s top five innovation hubs.

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