Why should you gamify innovation, anyway?

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Gamification relates to the desire for status, achievement and competition, making people feel fulfilled by their activities. But what benefits does this actually bring to your innovation initiatives?

By appropriately outlining gamified processes, you can:

  • Develop more loyalty in participants (whether they are customers, employees or others);
  • Promote more use;
  • Make a process go viral, radically increasing the number of participants;
  • Create a sense of identification with the brand, activity, product or other elements of the process.

These benefits are of extreme value within innovation initiatives, as any innovation manager well knows. In other words, gamification can play a leading role in motivating people and compelling them to participate and bring value to these initiatives – as leaders in innovation and management, such as Stefan Lindegaard, Paul Sloane, Matthew May and Michael Allen, have consistently pointed out.

When James Surowiecki wrote the bestseller ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ in 2005, he also highlighted the importance of gamification mechanisms to develop participation and sustainability in ideation processes. The benefits of gamifying innovation are also detailed by Gary Hamel (ranked as the world’s most influential business thinker by ‘The Wall Street Journal’):

‘Try to imagine what a democracy of ideas would look like. Employees would feel free to share their thoughts and opinions, however politically charged they might be. No single gatekeeper would be allowed to quash an idea or set the boundaries on its dissemination. New ideas would be given the chance to garner support before being voted up or down by senior execs. The internal debate about strategy, direction and policy would be open, vigorous and uncensored’.

All can play, all can win

Gamifying innovation: How to engage your people in key business challenges

Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder/ pdc@exago.com
Francisco Rhodes Sérgio, VP Inbound Strategy and Sales – Latin America / frs@exago.com

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