The new threshold of corporate revolution

First, technological revolutions changed operating models. Next day, reorganised business models. The third wave is now forcing management models to evolve. Tomorrow’s success stories will be those of companies whose DNA and best practices enable them to transform their different industries, allocate resources rationally, and attract and retain talent – as innovation guru Gary Hamel explains.

However, innovation in working method seems to be stuck in conventional routines. Executives blame their companies’ structures for this, but don’t let go of risk aversion themselves.

To live up to the future, you must focus on rethinking processes and management principles which in the long run ensure more qualified boards and the creation of sustainable competitive advantages – based on collective intelligence, knowledge aggregation and mobilisation, and on the creative skills of employees trained in innovation.

Support and strong commitment of CEOs and executive leaders certainly play a key role in making processes deliver and move forward. But, just as important is the understanding that all must have a role in innovation, which is not the responsibility of a single person.

Any company can reinvent itself. This process doesn’t depend on unachievable and costly resources, but on your company’s most valuable asset – your people. People who are called to actively engage in this process, in a permanent and widespread way.

Progress is born out of revolution. And such revolution depends upon accepting change as a paradigm, uniting and motivating your employees by common purposes, to grasp opportunities and assure your company’s position in the future.

The future of work and the transformation from within

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

Francisco de Rhodes Sérgio, VP Inbound and Sales for LATAM

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