TIP: The time is now. Hit your innovation stride

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The best you can do to increase your odds of successfully implementing innovation management initiatives is to put the basic requirements in place. Having done this, hit the ground running.

Once you start gaining traction and get up to speed, build these components:

  • Make business challenges innovation challenges
  • Celebrate implementation more than just ideas
  • Don’t forget: Quick-wins are still wins
  • Communicate – everything and always
  • Communicate successes, contributions and outcomes

You can enhance your innovation programme significantly with these, as well:

  • Balance your online and offline efforts
  • Take a leap of faith and be resilient
  • Build a constituency
  • Secure a small venture development budget
  • Learn to measure the intangible
  • Prevent selected ideas from falling into the implementation void

Before you know it, you’ll have hit your stride and won’t even consider slowing down.

Good luck on your innovation journey!

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder / pcc@exago.com

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