FirstBank leveraging digital innovations to thrive amidst the pandemic

FirstBank being the premier Bank in West Africa has lived up to its reputation as a brand of strength and dynamism. We have made laudable digital and technological investments over the years that positioned us to tackle the attendant hitches of the pandemic and adapt to the new normal seamlessly.

In the course of this digital transformation journey, new opportunities as well as risks have continued to emerge. However, innovation being one of the core values of the Bank, is being approached as a collective and continuous responsibility and this has helped us rise above the limitations.

The Bank is leveraging the power of collaboration to speed up its innovation efforts in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have launched several innovation challenges using the Exago collaborative innovation software, targeted at how to deliver bespoke services to meet our customers’ rapidly changing behaviours as well as go beyond to predict their future needs.

We have continually made calls for employees to submit innovative ideas on solutions that will accelerate our process automation, improve service delivery, aid financial inclusion and put our available technology platforms to their best use. This tool has enabled the Bank to digitize its ideation process, foster collaboration and aid cross pollination of ideas across our Group.

Forging ahead in a joint global effort

Indeed, like many global organizations today, FirstBank has adapted to the new circumstances and is focused on thriving and building a Bank of the future. We are continuously fostering synergy within the group and leveraging digital technologies to address the attendant challenges of the pandemic. The financial services sector is rapidly evolving and transforming its business models which ranges from remote working arrangements to service delivery models and hence the need for us as a Bank to keep innovating to ensure we are ahead of the curve.

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