Happy 10th birthday, Exago!

In a historic building in Lisbon, overlooking the Tagus river, Exago celebrated its 10th anniversary on Friday, November 24. It…

The rise of open innovation

Just a little over two decades ago, engaging external stakeholders was a rare thing. Now, open innovation is trendy. Why is this? For a start, change has become the rule.

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Are you set to go?

The biggest challenge multinational companies face today is how to build an organisation where collaboration is sustainably enabled by technology, processes, capabilities and behaviours. Where collective intelligence becomes the ‘muscle’ behind innovation. And where people, individually and as teams, work beyond their job description, and everyone, anywhere, can make a difference.

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 10 is all about results

No returns, no play. Many innovation programmes have been shut down based on this mindset. How to make sure that yours won’t? Our services and software teams have joined efforts to create a structured model that makes sure idea management works and you, as an innovation executive, regain control of your mission. We have thus developed an idea management formula that produces results. Always.

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 7 ignites motivation

‘What’s in it for me?’ is the question your people will ask. Incentives motivate people. It’s not necessarily about tangible rewards such as prizes, but, most of all, recognition. Being recognised and to gain visibility inside the organisation motivates people to contribute to idea management programmes in every stage of the process – from thinking to creation to action.

10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 6 assures community awareness

If people don’t come, your innovation efforts stand no chance. Active and clear communication is fundamental to maximising engagement, guaranteeing adequate participation. It also assures community awareness. Building a witty communication plan – one that lives and breathes innovation – is paramount for the success of your idea management programme across borders.