Connecting the dots for the future at the Web Summit 2018

As we enter the final day here at the Web Summit Lisbon 2018, we’re still trying to digest all that’s happening. We’re overwhelmed to see the power of so many ideas in action, as start-ups, as well as established, well-known companies, reinvent ways of doing – including (proudly) many of our clients using Exago innovation software.

They are leading the way to transform how we work and live in ways we cannot fully grasp at the moment: from pharmaceuticals through to sustainable living, retail, music, banking, games and heavy industries. Some ideas and projects will fail, some will succeed. This is how innovation works. But you try, you learn and, either way, you help shape bits of the future.

We are around and connecting with business leaders to empower people within companies to build what’s coming next together. Get in touch to meet via the Web Summit app: Diana Carvalho and Andreia Dias.

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