Exago 4.0 innovation software – The Eagle Edition release notes

Welcoming 2019, we are happy to present the latest Exago 4.0 innovation software release! In a world driven by data and information, the brand new dashboard is what really sets it apart. The Exago Eagle Edition lets you closely watch the performance and evolution of your innovation programme.

TIP: How to measure idea management intangible returns

Arthur D. Little’s 2013 Innovation Excellence Survey found a correlation between capability in innovation measurement and success. Yet less than 20% of companies believe they have a good idea management measurement capability. If you run a search on the web, you find many different approaches and models to do it … however you might be neglecting much of the real value of your initiative if you look only for tangible outcomes.

Performance evaluation in Idea Market

Organizations using Exago’s Idea Market platform can take advantage of participation metrics at the user level. This allows administrators to…