Exago 4.0 innovation software – The Eagle Edition release notes

Welcoming 2019, we are happy to present the latest Exago 4.0 innovation software release! In a world driven by data and information, the brand new dashboard is what really sets it apart.

The Exago Eagle Edition lets you closely watch the performance and evolution of your innovation programme. What’s more significant, it gives you a wider and more insightful vision to find meanings, results and real value in your innovation challenges.

But that’s not all. We introduce the Exago Eagle Release:


A new extensive dashboard offers a telescopic vision of what is happening and the true value of your programme

    • We’ve completely reworked the Exago dashboard, in a fully revamped version that also includes new top dashboards, so that you clearly see how your programme is evolving.
    • Offering a more thorough analysis, you can look at engagement results at different corporate levels, such as country or department, and dive deep into the innovation funnel to quickly identify the main bottlenecks in your process and get a ROI and qualitative impact assessment of the ideas you have implemented. You can either opt for a global overview of the initiative or target specific challenges or campaigns in your organisation.
    • Finally, you can now track the performance of each KPI in terms of engagement and idea progress speed, and act based on these indicators to improve your overall programme performance.


Navigation for better UX ensures participants remain in the flow of ideas

  • Either to go on a commenting spree or an evaluation round, users want to navigate within and between ideas with no effort. To enable this fully, they can now find navigation buttons on the idea detail page to cruise ideas directly on the page, as well as a return anchor to go back to the same location on the idea’s list without losing the original reference. Simple tweaks with impact to keep users in the innovation flow.


Updates in management tasks make life easier for all managers

  • The previous Exago release saw a leap forward in the Key Tasks menu, but we’ve pushed it a little further to bring you extra features that simplify your job. With the idea track changes by status feature, reviewers and content managers can now know exactly when the idea was altered and which field was the focus of attention for the author. It saves reviewing time and smoothens the process.
  • In addition, if you are a reviewer and have no access to your computer or mobile for some time, you can hereafter export idea details to .pdf, to review ideas anytime and anywhere you like.
  • A new challenges manager role has also been created so that the initiative manager can attribute challenge management permissions to specific participants. This empowers the new managers to run their own challenges and associated prizes, thus being more deeply involved in the initiative.
  • Managers can now also access a refreshed news management back office that eases the management of publications and makes it possible to create news drafts.


Come see the Exago Eagle Edition live!

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