FREE EBOOK | The 4 things business leaders looking to innovate need to know right now

Almost a year since the pandemic hit us, it would be naïve to still perceive digital transformation and business innovation as ‘nice-to-haves’. The vaccination wave brings new hope for economic recovery, yet many businesses are looking at a tough year ahead.

As digital transformation opens up new paths, simplifying processes and allowing for large data collection, mapping and proper assessment, examples abound that a new, often simple idea can save you money, or make you money even in the most dire, unexpected circumstances. Such is the law and practice of business survival.

The appetite for new ideas and for managing them with the right structures and tools, which had been growing for years, thus exploded in 2020. Budgets have been mostly cut, due to decreased profits, however the global pandemic also reduced operational expenses for 88% of businesses, freeing up resources for innovation and growth. How can they be best applied to move forward?

The eBook “The Innovation Imperative for 2021 – The 4 things business leaders looking to innovate need to know right now” assesses the latest reports and trends to offer you insights and numbers on what is changing in Innovation Management; case studies and examples across industries; as well as tips on how to make the most of digital innovation tools and build what comes next.

In particular, we focus on:

  1. THE TRENDS: What is changing in Innovation Management?
  2. SUCCESS STORIES: Examples of what Innovation Management is achieving in business and communities
  3. SECTOR ANALYSIS: The race for the “golden idea” across sectors
  4. OPPORTUNITIES: How can digital innovation tools help build a resilient, post-COVID-19 world?

“+50% of executives and employees think transitioning to the new normal will be more challenging than the initial shock of COVID-19.”
In “The Innovation Imperative for 2021”

Are you fully equipped to lead the transformation needed?

By Andreia Agostinho Dias,
Diana Neves de Carvalho,


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