ITFC looking for innovative ways to help member countries fight COVID-19 crisis

“Standing in solidarity to serve the member countries” in the fight against COVID-19, the ITFC is raising its innovation efforts to find new solutions jointly. As a leading Trade Solutions Provider, with a responsibility to shore up its activities and protect the member countries and interests of the nations that it provides practical, structural and fiscal support to, ITFC is launching an ideation drive to its staff, using the Exago platform.

How to turn a crisis into opportunity in innovation

We are all facing an unexpected challenge. But even (and especially) in these times of uncertainty, innovation should not drop off the top of your must-do list. These 6 ingredients will help your organisation stay on track.

What companies today can learn from Exponential Organisations

As the information-based world moves exponentially, many companies face the risk of being left behind and becoming obsolete. Drawing inspiration from exponential organisations, we pinpoint the key attributes that make ExOs so extraordinary.

Meet the 2018 Exago Innovation Gurus

We are pleased (and proud) to announce the winners of the Exago Innovation Guru Awards 2018. Our Guru winners who truly stood out for their performances in the past year are:

Here’s to 11 years making innovation come together

Exago has come a long way since we embarked on our innovation adventure 11 years ago. In that time, we have seen thousands of brilliant ideas come to life, and we couldn’t have done that without our greatest inspiration: our clients.