10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 10 is all about results

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No returns, no play. Many innovation programmes have been shut down based on this mindset. How to make sure that yours won’t? Our services and software teams have joined efforts to create a structured model that makes sure idea management works and you, as an innovation executive, regain control of your mission. We have thus developed an idea management formula that produces results. Always.

This equation is the product of many years of practice, building on expertise in several multinationals. Perfected to achieve tangible outcomes efficiently and sustainably, it reveals that compelling results are achieved when you succeed in engaging your people and multiply that engagement by a strong shared purpose.

Nevertheless, results do take time. Innovation is a process of trial and error. Most innovations come with steady, continuous improvement. So, you have to capture every single win at the beginning and throughout the process, an incremental idea that is well supported, significant levels of participation – in both specific branch, country and corporate challenges. Learn also how to establish your own metrics.

Your idea management programmes can deliver profound, often unexpected ‘intangible’ additional deliverables. Do not neglect them: engagement and strategy alignment outcomes; talent spotting; increased implementation opportunities. And once more, remember to share and celebrate the individual and community’s achievement.

# Quick-wins are wins
# Learn to measure results, also the intangible
# Prevent selected ideas from falling into the implementation void

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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