10 best practices for cross-border innovation. Number 6 assures community awareness

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If people don’t come, your innovation efforts stand no chance. Active and clear communication is fundamental to maximising engagement, guaranteeing adequate participation. It also assures community awareness. Building a witty communication plan – one that lives and breathes innovation – is paramount for the success of your idea management programme across borders.

When putting it together, make sure you have a complete plan with clearly defined targeted audiences, across cultures and business units, key messages, a media strategy and frequency expectations. For such undertaking, you have to involve your HQ communication teams, as well as country and business communication teams, to develop more detailed and oriented plans.

Remember to communicate continuously, as the process evolves. The more individuals see the success of projects to which they have contributed, the more likely they are to remain mobilised.

#Have a witty communication plan
#Adapt communication locally
#Communicate continuously

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

Number 7 ignites motivation

Innovation programme across borders: 10 best practices to make it work

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