A colourful idea increases the quality of customer service

“Check the yellow cable connection, please” – by simply changing the colours of the cables, set-top-boxes and routers, Portugal Telecom (PT) was able to effectively simplify procedures and improve the quality of its customer service. It became easy to promptly and remotely identify the source of different problems by just asking the client to follow colour-oriented instructions.

The idea is one of the many that was suggested, evaluated by all and chosen to be developed and implemented in the “Idea Market” platform, a tool tailored by Exago to engage PT’s employees in collectively creating innovative solutions for the company. Almost 10.000 employees have participated, more than 14.000 thousands ideas were registered, a little over 3.000 passed the validation stage and nearly a hundred were implemented or are in the development stage.

Since its adoption in march 2009, “Idea Market” has had a very important impact on employees’ satisfaction rank, empowering them, while providing a decentralized, transparent and democratic network to voice their creativity.

Innovation has long been a part of Portugal Telecom’s DNA, one of the most traded stocks in Euronext Lisbon and national leader in telecommunications, often referenced for its strong contributions to the progress of the Information Society. Exago’s customized “Idea Market” has become a fundamental tool to support this process, with a solution that is highly engaging, highly efficient and sustainable over time.

To know the full story, download this case study in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

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