A vision for the future of work

We’ve seen how transformations at work, in the markets and in our own society are propelling the reivention of business culture and innovation models. From our experience in Exago, we believe that companies ensuring their tomorrow are those in which:

// Everyone is passionate about contributing to the leadership agenda
// Everyone has visibility over the most urgent business challenges, as well as those strategic
// The combination of challenges sum up to a higher, well communicated corporate purpose
// Contributing to the innovation agenda is something on top of the job description, but it is done seamlessly and effortlessly
// Everyone’s contribution is captured and valued: from insights, ideas, value-added comments, decisions and execution
// Applying innovation tools and methods to solve day-to-day business challenges is the way of working, and not an asynchronous exercise
// Collaboration is enabled by technology and a value frame that incentivises sharing of knowledge and experience
// Everyone truly believes they can make a difference in the definition of the future of the organisation and in the way the company is set to differentiate and grow.

Leading companies worldwide have now realised that they can’t outsource all the thinking to leadership and external consultants. That workforce engagement powers direction and guidance. So you need to ask yourself, ‘How do I want to tap into the collective intelligence of my people to solve our most pressing business challenges?’:

  • Through an initiative where I can put my organisation and stakeholders to the test and capture their insights and ideas around a specific challenge
  • Through a programme where I will create a sustained internal innovation engine that can be continuously used to solve business and strategy challenges
  • By building a long-lasting capability where every employee is an innovation agent equipped with the tools and methods to solve any challenge – from day-to-day to strategic challenges?

future of work - table1

Bottom line is that your organisation has been underusing a valuable asset – one that is critical to deliver continuous differentiation. It’s your role as managers and leaders to understand how mature is your organisation and to find ways to evolve it to the next level.

The future of work: leveraging the power of your collective intelligence

The future of work and the transformation from within

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

Francisco de Rhodes Sérgio, VP Inbound and Sales for LATAM

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The future of work: leveraging the power of your collective intelligence