Challenge configuration has never been this easy

Creating and editing challenges for your innovation management initiative just became easier with our Idea Market 3.5 release. We’ve aggregated challenge configuration fields into a sleeker and better structured page, thus facilitating configuration adjustments.

Three tabs are now available on the challenge configuration page: basic settings, evaluation methods (i.e. stars, likes or investments) and advanced settings (i.e. pre-defined and optional). In more compound fields, tooltips on mouse hover now guide you through the process, keeping your goals clear.

We brought some additional features in at the challenge level as well, and we’ve made the creation process simpler and quicker for you. Among the pre-defined advanced settings available for each challenge are points for idea validation, automatic validation of ideas, different approval criteria, time needed for the crowd to evaluate ideas and other specific market configurations.

These enhancements help clients create more detailed and comprehensive challenges, to focus their people’s participation on business goals and get them to contribute more actively. They get more and better ideas over time.

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