Enel’s employees present 1,300 ideas in Eidos Market’s first global edition

In a little over a month, Enel’s employees in different countries have presented 1,300 ideas to address the challenges the company launched in the Eidos Market platform. Using Exago’s idea market solution, this platform allows any participant to submit, discuss and evaluate ideas – thus engaging all staff in Enel’s shared innovation efforts.

Around 3,300 employees have already contributed to the challenges, making 2,300 comments and 6,000 evaluations. The platform works like a stock market, where anyone can invest in the ideas they believe to be more valuable, using the credits they earn for their overall participation.

In this first edition, Enel selected four main challenges: customer contact, the environment, individual roles in health and safety and the improvement of professional performance.

An active role in innovation
José Arrojo de Lamo, Enel’s head of innovation, says, ‘The secret of Eidos is not only to suggest ideas but also to develop and implement them to make sure their value reaches our business.’

Endesa, a subsidiary of the Enel group, has been using Exago’s bottom-up innovation tool since 2012, in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Building on this experience, the project has grown until, now, Eidos Market is open to all employees in the 40 countries where Enel operates.

The platform uses a predictive market algorithm developed by Exago to select top ideas efficiently. The ideas that get more support in the idea market – through the investments they attract – are then assessed by a team who decide which to implement. This model allows each employee to take an active role in the company’s future, allowing Enel to activate and harness its staff’s collective intelligence to reach common goals.

You can read more about the Eidos Market’s first edition results here (in Spanish).

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