Exago’s client CTT is sowing the seeds of the future

After being named the Innovation Farmer in Exago’s Innovation Guru Awards 2017, the Portuguese postal service CTT saw 50 trees planted in its name on November 25th as part of its prize. The Plant a Tree project seeks to increase biodiversity and reduce the risk of fires, following the devastating forest fires across Portugal in recent years.

The initiative planted 250 trees and bushes in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park to tie in with the Native Forest Day in November. Fifty of them were planted and will be cared for in CTT’s name for five years. Helped by dozens of volunteers, the Plant a Tree  project hopes to recover trees and plants that are indigenous to the region, such as wild-olive trees, arbutus trees, Mediterranean buckthorn, myrtle and several species of oak, and control invasive exotic weeds.

CTT received this prize, along with a trophy, as Exago’s Innovation Farmer, which celebrated the resilience and continuous effort of the Inov+ team and its corporate innovation programme.


Inspiration from our 2017 Innovation Farmer Award winner

With almost half of Exago innovation platform visitors already participating throughout 2017, close to 1.5 ideas per active user and thousands of comments shared, CTT has been sowing the seeds of its innovation programme, strengthened with the use of the Exago since early 2016.

Along with a dedicated Innovation Day, effective communication initiatives and a solid incentives package comprising excellent prizes, including gadgets, vouchers, festival tickets and experiences, CTT also encourages a global culture of innovation by tying in special events and workshops with participation on the Exago platform.

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