Exago redefines its core values through collaboration

After 11 years of bringing innovation together, Exago decided it was time to reassess the company’s core values. Of course, as champions of collaboration and teamwork, Exago asked its team members to come up with what each one thought should be a core value of the organisation.

Inspired by LEGO Serious Play, the facilitation method developed by the toy manufacturer, the team used LEGO bricks to represent what they felt embodied Exago and its approach to both clients and innovation.

The exercise resulted in five core values, which are now hanging proudly in the Exago headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal:

  • Build collaboration
  • Focus on results
  • Be respectful of people, the planet and of everyone’s ideas
  • Be bold and open
  • Commit to our clients

Find out more about building a collaborative innovation culture with these 10 (+1) ingredients.

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