Meet the Exago Innovation Guru prize-winners

The challenge was set, the votes counted and the champions announced. And now, Exago has delivered the prizes to the Innovation Guru Award winners of 2017. We were proud to present the trophies to Via Varejo, Ageas and CTT, the clients who especially stood out for their solid focus and resilience to innovate over the past year.

After announcing the winners of the second edition of the Exago Innovation Guru Awards, the Exago team delivered the trophies to the three winning teams:

Welcomed by the Inov+ team, the name the company has given to its Exago innovation platform, Exago presented the Innovation Farmer trophy to the Portuguese postal service CTT for continuously sowing the seeds of its innovation programme. In keeping with this commitment, Exago will plant and care for 50 trees in the company’s name for five years, through the Plant a Tree project.

Insurance group Ageas received the Innovation Hunter trophy in recognition of its team’s performance through Ding, the successful innovation programme they have developed using the Exago idea management software. In recognition of its creative and highly original approaches to participation and innovation, the Ding hunters now have a new prize in their sights, with an Escape Game for their innovation team.

Along with the Innovation Bookkeeper trophy, the Brazilian retailer Via Varejo received another prize to complement its informed, balanced approach to innovation: the chance to pick one of three Innovation Services offered by Exago, to further bolster the already successful results of its innovation programme.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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