Major conference in Chile with Exago’s presence

conference chile

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder, gave a lecture on people’s engagement at ICARE’s annual conference Empresa e Sociedade (Company and Society). ICARE, the “Instituto Chileno de Administración Racional de Empresas”, invited Exago as the international guest for the business event of the year in Santiago, Chile.

Pedro’s lecture focused on how engagement is relevant to increase organizations attractiveness to their stakeholders, how engaged employees are much more efficient and productive than non-engaged ones and how engaged customers are increasingly loyal and bring augmented revenues to the company.

Pedro also mentioned how Exago’s experience and model is bringing value to our clients and how their “communities” are now especially satisfied by being able to participate on organization’s challenges and by having a bidirectional communication tool to get in touch with companies’ leadership.

Our clients’ employees have been showing their joy and recognition for the opportunity to be part of the “company” by heavily participating and consistently bringing relevant insights and ideas that turned into significant tangible financial results.

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