Exago software supports Fleury’s digital transformation efforts

With a mission to accelerate its digital transformation, the Brazilian Fleury Group has created the Fleury Lab, a platform that joins its Research & Development, Innovation and Digital departments. For the new platform to be successful, the group needed to first establish a culture of digital transformation, which they achieved through Central de Ideias, Fleury’s idea management platform using the Exago software.

By using Central de Ideias, which receives suggestions of improvements and comments from the group’s employees, Fleury has enabled the creation of the new synergy between the three departments. It has also helped disseminate the culture of the Fleury Lab, which began operating in early 2019 to bring aggregated value to its provided services through technology and information.

Through the Fleury Lab, the group has already doubled the number of its new tests from 2018, mapped 150 startups in the health field (HealthTechs) and placed 20 concept tests for validation or underway.


Investing in innovation

Focused on digital transformation, the Fleury Lab is the latest innovation effort from the Fleury Group, the largest network of diagnostic medicine in Brazil. An R&D pioneer in Latin America since its inception in 1926, the group created the Innovation area in 2016, focusing on strategic partnerships and leveraging innovative projects that solve company pain points.

In 2011, Fleury introduced Central de Ideias, an innovation programme supported by Exago’s solution, to unlock the innovation potential of its workforce. The initiative aimed to improve internal processes, employee well-being and customer service, as well as its medical and technical procedures.

Since then, more than 22,000 ideas have been submitted to the platform, 1,500 of which have already been implemented. The company also uses Exago software to involve its suppliers in its innovation challenges, with the PERC platform.

Since the Innovation area began using this system, Fleury has already saved R$ 4.1 million (almost €1 million) by implementing the ideas generated by the platform.

Founded in 1926, Fleury is one of the largest and most respected Brazilian healthcare companies. With close to 10,000 employees and more than 200 healthcare units across the country, the national leader of the premium segment in Diagnostic Medicine invests heavily in R&D and applying state-of-the-art technology across its business chain.



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