Exago Talks: Pedro Figueiredo

Recently Pedro Figueiredo, the founder of Box, came to Exago’s office to offer advice on some of the challenges his organization had overcome. Box is a company that represents actors and manages their careers, advising them on jobs available, image and branding, and other aspects related to their craft.

Pedro discussed the many difficulties in this kind of business model, mentioning the fact that the best and most important jobs for a career are rare while the ones that pay are very common. Actors must walk the line between choosing jobs that will further their careers while maintaining their image from erosion with poor quality but essential jobs that bring in adequate money.

Mr. Figueiredo then drew an equivalency to Exago’s business model, stressing the importance of being aware of what jobs and clients we are interested in and why they are important to make our business grow, adjusting the sophistication of our product to the sophistication of the client and its demands. It’s critical that organizations choose the customers that best match their offering and the services they provide.

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