First Exago’s webinar with Peter Skarzynski

On July 16th, Exago hosted Peter Skarzynski, a bestselling author and renowned corporate and conference speaker on innovation, who recently published ‘The Innovator’s Field Guide. He addressed the challenge “How can you sustain innovation inside your organization?” in the first of three free Exago webinars featuring Skarzynski’s special participation.

People from more than 15 countries registered for the webinar, an insightful review of vital principles, techniques, and processes in successfully designing, executing, and sustaining innovation within organizations. These all appear in Peter’s book, The Innovator’s Field Guide.

The 45-minute session dealt with three main topics: some design principles behind long lasting innovation; the role of metrics, leadership, and incentives when designing an innovation program; and people engagement as a key dimension of sustainable value in creating innovation initiatives.

The dynamic participants posted many interesting questions, such as:

    • What is(are) leadership’s role(s)? How do I build and sustain leadership support for innovation efforts? Is it better to approach from the top down or bottom up?
    • How do I develop and nourish a culture of innovation?
    • How should I think about incentives, rewards, and metrics for innovation within my particular organization?
    • How do I deploy and support the use of frameworks, techniques, and tools—to the best effect?
    • How do I manage innovation within my unique organization (i.e., my 20-person company, my non-profit organization, my high tech company, and so on)?

Peter Skarzynski addressed these and other questions, illustrating his answers with real experiences in the corporate world. For those who missed the chance to attend, we will soon publish the video recording and announce the next webinar.

To learn more about how Exago’s model lines up with Skarzynski’s approach, please visit our website.

Watch the webinar recording here.

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