Fleury’s idea market recognised for game-based approach to innovation

Exago’s client Fleury, the largest group of clinical analysis services in Latin America, reached the top five shortlist for large companies in the International IMP³rove Award 2015. Fleury was selected for its innovation drive and practices using a gamified platform that gathers and processes innovative ideas, based on Exago’s idea management software.

Fleury is one of the most respected medical and health organisations in Brazil. To meet its high standards and promote idea creation, a corporate innovation programme was launched in 2007. Four years later, the group introduced the ‘Central de Ideias’ (Idea Market), built on Exago’s innovation software, to engage workers and leverage the company’s collective intelligence more efficiently by using social and gamification mechanisms.

‘Central de Ideias’ is a tailored, democratic tool with which all employees can submit incremental innovation suggestions to improve services, practices and processes. Staff are then rewarded with prizes and recognition for their added value creation. The Idea Market not only collects and harnesses everyone’s contributions but also collaboratively evaluates them, spreading Fleury’s strong culture of innovation throughout the company. The platform is also open to innovative proposals from 55 suppliers. In 2014, 761 ideas were collected, 182 of which have been implemented.

The IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy Award nominated the Idea Market initiative for its contribution to Fleury’s sustainable growth based on systematic innovation management. In this third edition of the awards, the jury received more than 100 nominations from 2,000 applicants worldwide. The finalists were celebrated in a ceremony during Turkish Innovation Week 2015 in Istanbul, in December.

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