Gamifying innovation: How to engage your people in key business challenges

More than ever, companies need to engage their employees to assure long-term viability. Yet, overwhelmed with information, people’s attention spans have become shorter and shorter. Their willingness to contribute to lateral activities has shrunk, particularly if these are boring or create anxiety. And innovation is often no fun…or can it be?

Innovation is at the top of every organisation’s leadership agenda these days. The renowned McKinsey Global Survey found that 84 percent of executives recognise innovation is very or extremely important to their companies’ growth strategy.

Worldwide, businesses and organisations realise they may be doomed to compete in a ‘red ocean’ where prices and margins sink downward. To prevent this downward spiral, new ideas and outside the box thinking are essential – to create differentiated business models, products and services, as well as competitive cost structures. This is no time to roll the dice and leave it all to luck.

But again, how can you draw your people’s attention to key business challenges? Gamification has proved to be a powerful way to close this focus gap.

In a series of posts, we will we take you through gamification’s definition and main features, presenting a model that efficiently adopts gamification mechanics – making innovation initiatives appealing and successful.

Ready to play the innovation game?

Gami…what? How to make innovation fun
Get to know your players
Why should you gamify innovation, anyway?
All can play, all can win
How exactly do we gamify innovation?

Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s CEO and co-founder/
Francisco Rhodes Sérgio, VP Inbound Strategy and Sales – Latin America /

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Gami…what? How to make innovation fun