Idea Market 3.5 release helps you see clearer ahead

Exago’s 3.5 release comes with a new contextual navigation feature. It is designed to keep participants context-centred, helping them know exactly where they are, at all times, and where they can head to next.

Upon landing on the platform’s homepage, users see active challenges inviting them to share ideas, make comments and explore all related content and information, with little effort and higher effectiveness. Users can also scan through a new challenges page showing all active challenges and offering a complete perspective on their company’s priorities.

On each challenge page, navigation has also been made more intuitive and comprehensive, with a new bar displaying the challenge’s status, total number of ideas under evaluation and the latest insights on that challenge. The new navigation bar lets participants move across the different phases of the challenge, guided by new mouse-hover tooltips.

The new ‘Ideas’ menu also focuses users on idea navigation, allowing them to access and discover all idea pipelines immediately and track ideas progressing through them.

The previous navigation method was fast and comprehensive, but this extra layer increases navigation granularity and transparency, which our clients have asked for. Mission accomplished!

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