Performance evaluation in Idea Market

Organizations using Exago’s Idea Market platform can take advantage of participation metrics at the user level. This allows administrators to identify which employees are actively engaging with the software and those who are not, determining participants’ interest in innovation before acting accordingly.

Figures such as the number of submitted ideas, comments, investments, and visits can easily be translated into more advanced metrics like the proportion of market-approved and implemented ideas. Other useful statistics include the ratio of investments in approved and implemented ideas vs. non-adopted, and the rate of rejected ideas in relation to the total number of investments.

This activity data can then be sourced to geographic, social, or demographic information about the user base, allowing companies to fully analyze engagement and motivation across different groups.

Exago’s Idea Market helps harness the collective intelligence of an organization, intensifying the voice of employees and giving them the power to contribute their knowledge to company progress.

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