We provide deployment tools and guidance to successfully kick-start your initiative, with end-to-end full process vision.

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Process Management

Process, Governance & Incentives

We get in the driver’s seat and take you through the development of key aspects of your innovation initiative, such as end-to-end programme definition, incentives modelling, and governance structure development. Our field-tested best practices help you benefit from accumulated experience and boost value creation.

Challenge Definition Workshop

A workshop focused on defining your programme’s initial challenges, supporting you in the selection and refinement process.

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Crowd Management

Community Activation

We share our expertise and experience, helping you structure your communication efforts for the initiative, from kick-off to Go Live, involving internal communication, company leadership and participants.

Community Building *

Let’s build your ultimate community! We develop a community building plan for your initiative, helping it to succeed by boosting the initial users’ pool and actively encouraging their participation.

* Only available with Exago Open.

Ignition process

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