Why innovation management is key for the future of employee experience

Can technology really engage employees around ideas? This is the question asked in a new report, which looks at the future of employee experience as business becomes remote. The conclusion is that yes, it can, and idea management software is stepping up to the challenge.

Part of the report Future of Employee Experience 2020, published this week in The Times newspaper, Exago contributed to an in-depth article that looks into how companies can generate new ideas to solve a new framework of challenges and succeed in a new world order.

Lack of talent, difficulty in defining effective business models to implement new ideas, difficulty in coming up with disruptive ideas, and the incapacity to be nimble and convert ideas into actions have been the key challenges of business executives worldwide. And in the context of a pandemic, with a dispersed workforce, these have only been magnified.


Generating ideas for digital transformation

The need for digital transformation has accelerated, and succeeding in this mission is only possible with great ideas. As it becomes more vital that employees are engaged and collaboration becomes the modus operandi of any organisation, idea management software provides the structure and the incentive for a successful innovation programme.

“Right now, there’s a real need to invest in structured programmes that accelerate change and create more resilient and flexible companies, as well as fostering reinvention in a systematic way,” said Diana Neves de Carvalho, CEO of Exago, in the article.

While solutions of this kind are particularly useful tools in engaging and retaining Millennials and Generation Z employees, as Diana explains, they also allow companies to measure results throughout the initiative, enabling organisations to act upon the data, whether it’s user activity or return on investment.

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