Is it clear enough? Your innovation journey 6th must-have

From the beginning of your innovation efforts, people need to clearly understand the journey ahead and to feel they have a voice in the process.

At Exago, we are strong believers in the power of collective intelligence to envision new possibilities and deliver compelling results.

Based on this belief, we deliver a solution to generate and screen ideas, in an efficient and transparent way. Using gamification techniques, we have developed a virtual ‘stock market’ where individuals ‘invest’ in the ideas they feel offer the most value to the organisation. Through this ‘idea stock market’ all can participate and easily see and invest in the ideas they feel offer the most potential. Besides being efficient and fun, it’s a fully transparent process.

And again, it is never enough to reinforce it: you should communicate individual and group contributions and outcomes to ensure transparency and reap the engagement rewards.

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Finally, your 7th must-have

From the start:
Are you ready for your innovation journey?

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