Is your company worth your engagement?

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Benefits abound when organizations fully engage their employees. Deeply involved employees are more efficient—working longer hours and going beyond what is asked— and, organization-wide, engaged personnel directly impact financial results and, naturally, the success of your innovation challenges.

A Towers Perrin study found a 6% higher profit margin in companies with engaged staff, while Gallup reported higher employee engagement scores positively correlate with increased earnings per share.

So, while organizations clearly benefit from more involved employees, as an employee, you might question what you get out of it by getting more deeply engaged with your employer: Why should you? And when?

Well, yes, I believe you should. Let me first here define what I mean by being engaged. Then I can show you what has to be in place before you can experience deeper engagement.

The “extra mile”
By engagement, I mean an emotional commitment you make to your organization and its objectives. Your job description does not include this. No one can impose it on you, and, typically, you cannot be fooled into it. This is what makes you go that extra mile. Be quicker. Think company. Think clients. This commitment definitely means better customer service, higher client satisfaction, and ultimately higher profits for your organization.

But what is in it for you?

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

Work engagement: What is in it for you?
Management tools to make engagement truly rewarding

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Work engagement: What is in it for you?