Last, but not the least, Idea Market 3.5 smooths managers work

Finally, to smooth platform managers’ work, Exago’s 3.5 release comes with refurbished back office status, phases and workflow pages, as well as upgrading monitoring tools.

The dashboard has been revamped with a new user experience and tooltip support to get exact values by hovering the mouse over columns. New evaluation dashboard analytics are available for project managers to check how long, on average, an idea is taking to be evaluated or implemented.

With renewed back office pages, not only can platform managers and administrators customise status and workflow but they can also aggregate initiatives’ status phases on ideas and challenges pages. In this way, user navigation has become more agile. Managers further can define new statuses with permissions by groups and aggregate them into specific phases of the initiative, easing market navigation.

There’s also a new page to manage news and enhance news features. Administrators can now embed news videos, manage content and edit and consult posted news more quickly.

These new features and configurations help managers adjust the programme through a set of specifications, from a cleaner process to a wider, more multifaceted one. Overall, Idea Market 3.5 is a more adaptable platform, reducing managers’ workload and keeping users informed and focused on relevant business challenges.

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