Mantras aren’t enough. This journey takes real commitment.

These days, you rarely find an organisation where innovation is not part of leadership’s mantra. Yet the time and resources dedicated to it are far less than other disciplines, like quality and customer service. The challenge is that innovation is (will always be) a leap into the unknown that rarely brings immediate measurable results.

So, not only do you need to engage your people, but you also have to get leadership fully engaged by addressing their own business concerns and challenges, by educating them on the topic of innovation. And by showing them how innovation will deliver results to your business challenges.

Make sure they are aware of both the tangible and intangible outcomes, that expectations are clearly negotiated ahead. No one-year innovation plan should be put forward, as it is too easy to be shut down by short-term results oriented executives.

Innovation demands resilience, and both top-down and bottom-up support.

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Are you ready for your innovation journey?

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