Meet Exago’s new Head of Innovation Services

Ranging from China to the United Kingdom, Spain or Portugal, Francisco Bernardes’s multicultural and multidisciplinary experience now comes to the fore as he takes the lead in Exago’s Innovation Services team. Bernardes explains, ‘Our main goal, as a team, is to make our services a leaner, more innovation-oriented process, to offer our very diverse clients top-notch support in developing their innovation initiatives.’

Building on both the idea management industry’s best practices and Exago’s many years of experience across sectors, Francisco Bernardes will focus on reshaping and continuously updating Exago’s service packages. ‘We’re creating toolkits to streamline idea management processes, and we’ll assemble fresh methods to provide answers to clients’ specific needs across the innovation pipeline and throughout their own cultural evolution’, he adds.

With a background in pharmaceutical sciences and a Master in Business Administration, Francisco has consulted in the biotech field, helping clients embrace open innovation practices and develop a more comprehensive innovation culture to find new solutions in a highly competitive domain. He’s also worked with some of the largest companies in the FTSE100, such as the #1 spirits company in the world, Diageo; the insurance company, Legal & General; and the international pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca.

Passionate about bodyboarding and motorsports – having started his own virtual racing simulator business –, Francisco loves the thrill of covering ground fast yet steadily to achieve established objectives. You can now reach him at

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