Mobile Services

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Consulting Services

Our expert services are built to support you throughout the four stages of the innovation cycle, to boost the results of each innovation stage.


  • We provide deployment tools and guidance to successfully kick-start your initiative, with end-to-end full process vision.
    • Process, Governance & Incentives
    • Challenge Definition Workshop
    • Community Engagement – Activation
    • Community Engagement – Building*
      * Only available with Exago Open.


  • Once your platform is live and users are starting to participate, what can we add to make it easier for you to manage the initiative, focus on what really matters (the ideas) and engage ever more participants?
    • Content Quality Assurance
    • Ideation Workshops
    • Community Engagement – Nurturing


  • Now that you have the final ideas, how do you select the best ones? And how do you give their authors the deserved recognition?
    • Idea Acceleration
    • Evaluation Workshop
    • Community Engagement – Recognition


  • How do you keep track of all the idea implementation projects and initiative results on your own?
    • Centralised Project Management
    • Activity & Results Barometer
    • Community Engagement – Recognition
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Technical Services

  • Our services have been crafted to brand your initiative with your innovation identity, to make access to the platform simpler, as well as to provide you with all the necessary training or support in managing the platform on an ongoing basis.
    • Configuration & Branding
    • Custom Single Sign-On
    • Hands-Off Platform Management
    • Platform Training
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