Exago’s brand new 3.5 release is out, and it’s more flexible than ever

Exago’s 3.5 Idea Market release has arrived, offering a flexible workflow that fits your company’s reality and innovation programme. Answering clients’ identified needs, we continue the evolution path: 3.5 offers significant workflow options to meet your specific idea management process.

If your initiative requires a simpler idea selection funnel and minimal hierarchical and organisational procedures, you can pick a basic idea workflow with only three phases: idea submission, collaborative evaluation and final appreciation and implementation. But, if you need a more complex corporate and hierarchical evaluation processes to handle higher volumes of ideas through additional gates, while ensuring a more accurate idea filter, we can also easily set this up for you.

Our solution adapts to your company’s innovation processes, increasing the overall ease of the idea management process.

And there’s more soon to be unveiled. Do you want to get a preview? Contact our innovation experts at inquiries@exago.com.

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