REN adopts Exago’s innovation management solution

REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais) has adopted Exago’s innovation management solution. In a customised platform -“Bolsa de Inovação”-, employees can now generate, comment, evaluate and select the ideas they believe will bring value to the company.

Exago’s innovation management model is based on an inclusive and transparent process where everyone is welcomed and different types of participation are recognised. “Bolsa de Inovação” will improve communication between top-management and staff, assuring strategic alignment while simultaneously engaging everyone in the company’s key business challenges.

A listed company, REN operates the national transmission grid in Portugal, which connects generators to consumption centres and ensures a balance between energy supply and demand.

Exago’s experience with clients in the energy sector spanning three continents was fundamental to addressing REN’s needs and objectives and will reinforce the project value and results.

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