Sitting on untapped potential – Exago’s director in ‘Switched on Leadership’

‘If you want to improve a process, enhance customer experience or create and perfect a product or service, the solution likely lies within your organisation.’ So, ‘Instead of using substitute brains, why not harness this collective intelligence to solve business problems?’ asks Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director, in the latest edition of Switched on Leadership.

Check out the full article, ‘Sitting on Untapped Potential: The Power of Your Organisation’s Collective Intelligence’, and get a free three-month subscription to the magazine here.

Founded by Christele Canard, Switched on Leadership embraces the mission of helping ‘leaders and teams step up to a new level of thinking, knowing and performing’. The magazine recently made it to the finals of the first edition of the Australian Trust Awards 2015 – a celebration of the most trusted and respected businesses in the country.

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