Six must-haves in the quest for open innovation success

We’ve seen how open innovation is stepping in to tear down more traditional corporate walls and to give you access to new sources of possibilities: the ideas, insights, opinions and visions of clients, partners, consumers and scientific and academic communities. We’ve also seen how your employees are still your most valuable innovation source, as a diverse community, often from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and businesses.

Open innovation offers a new way to create value, to extend reach and capacity for new ideas, technologies and different perspectives on challenges, broadening your view. Overall, to deliver better and quicker results and strengthen brand awareness for your organisation, remember to:

1. Engage external communities to access different points of view, using an efficient software platform
2. Link and share content with external social networks for maximum reach
3. Maximise adoption and usage with a sophisticated but simple user interface
4. Activate your brand and communicate your values with a fully brandable programme
5. Manage your external community to ensure valuable participation
6. Integrate externally generated content with your internal community for evaluation and implementation.

Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s co-founder/

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