Skarzynski reveals principles and practices for insight enabled innovation

In a special Exago Webinar, top innovation strategist Peter Skarzynski explains how you can pull together the most valuable asset to succeed in your innovation initiatives: the ideas and experience of the people working with you. The second of three free webinars featuring the best selling author takes place on September 4, at 12 pm EST (5 pm GMT+1).

Having defined the guidelines and techniques to sustain innovation within organisations, in his first presentation*, Peter now addresses the topic ‘Insight enabled innovation: Principles and practice’. He takes you one step further in your efforts, sharing key highlights of his recently published book, “The Innovator’s Field Guide”.

How to make ideas come together
Pedro do Carmo Costa is hosting the webinar. ‘Experience tells us that significant innovation derives from fresh insights into one’s customers, market and organisation. What we ask is if you believe you’re doing enough to develop and share valuable insights within your company. And if you’re using them to harness your collective wisdom. In this amazing opportunity, Peter Skarzynski reveals his expertise on how to make it happen’, says Exago’s director and co-founder.

This 45-minute session deals with three main topics: harnessing the collective intelligence of the organisation in terms of insights about the customer, the context and the company; converting those insights into a proprietary point of view; generating ideas based on these insights.

Peter Skarzynski advises large, global organisations on strategy, innovation and organisational change and is recognised as a leading expert in enabling renewal and growth by embedding innovation sustainably in large companies. He is a frequent corporate and conference speaker and a best selling author. Recently published, his “The Innovator’s Field Guide” (Wiley, 2014) details market proven methods and approaches to address the most critical innovation challenges facing organisations of any size.

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*Have you missed Peter’s first webinar on ‘How to sustain Innovation inside your organisation’? Request more information at

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