Taking the innovation journey? Remember to harness these resources

As we,ve seen, innovation demands resilience, and both top-down and bottom-up support. It may not always seem obvious, but you’ll also need a constituency inside the company to provide support throughout the different phases of the innovation process.

Ongoing training programs that ‘produce’ innovation practitioners is one way to get it. Find the best (we modestly hope we can help) to support you in designing and developing a specific set of outcomes defined to increase the success of initiatives – by improving content quality, accelerating throughput and de-risking opportunities.

Moreover, secure a minimum three year budget. That way a commitment is made and risk of short term shut-down is minimised. Additionally, ensure your budget includes funds to support promising and interesting business ventures that stagnate simply because they don’t have a natural owner in the organisational chart.

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Are you ready for your innovation journey?

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Your innovation journey, why is it relevant anyway?