Exago Talks: Martim Simões de Almeida

Martim Simões de Almeida is a young musician who writes, plays (typically the guitar) and improvises. He kindly accepted the invitation to be at our office for an Exago Talk where he shared his experience and his sounds.

The Talk was characterized for the relaxed ambience and the interaction with public. Martim told us about his experience when creating his own business, emphasizing the importance of keeping focused on his goals and his intends to go through some difficulties that may appear.

In his case, the biggest challenge was to find a way of starting. He started playing on the streets, what besides being the only mean of survival he found available at the time if he wanted to pursue a career in music, he understood also as a training to his future as a musician, as a person and as a business man.

There was also time for him to play not only some of his songs to us but also an Exago song, which he created based on some information he had previously received about Exago and our team members.

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