The challenge is on: ‘People@Liberty’ launched on Innovation Open Day

Liberty Seguros Portugal, awarded several times for being ‘a great place to work’ and promoting ‘excellence at work’, wants to take its employees’ creativity and engagement to a new level. The insurance company has set in motion the ‘People@Liberty’ programme, based on Exago’s innovation management platform, inviting all the staff to build the company’s future together.

To kick-start – and create awareness about – the initiative, all the company’s teams were invited to join in Innovation Open Day: a full-day event giving them the chance to get to know the programme and use the platform, encouraged by fun game dynamics.

Innovating to grow together
Everyone can now access the platform anytime to submit ideas and insights easily, as well as to evaluate and comment on the ideas employees believe will bring more value to the company. Liberty Seguros’s collective intelligence is thus being activated and focused on key challenges, while each participant receives rewards and recognition for his or her contributions.

Innovation has long been part of Liberty Seguros DNA. With this new programme, ‘we want to efficiently engage our teams, mobilising skills and knowledge, to take the best of each employee in terms of ideas, to seek innovative solutions and identify the best opportunities to grow and to achieve better results and returns. Through participation, sharing and common construction, we are looking to inspire our people with our shared mission and values, as we work together to draw closer to our clients and their real needs, delivering the best service ever,’ says Rui Barata, Liberty Seguros Project Leader.

Innovation-driven and marked by a strong social responsibility culture, Liberty Seguros is part of the Liberty Mutual Group and has been operating in Portugal since May 2003. Backed by the dedication of each of its 511 employees, the company constantly seeks the best solutions to protect Portuguese families, individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises.

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