The first of 3 key success factors of innovation management

At Exago, we’ve worked with extraordinary clients, such as Fleury and others from pharmaceutical, banking, utilities and telecommunications industries – across four continents – to help them mobilise targeted communities to solve key business problems by learning from them and with them.

In this process, we’ve thoroughly examined each crucial element, testing and developing the best practices and solutions to make each innovation programme succeed. And, we can proudly say, we do it every time. Our success, our client’s report, is achieved by a combination of technologies and best practices focused on addressing each of these key success factors:

This is the emotional commitment made to your company and its objectives. It only comes when the people that make up your organisation believe they can have an impact on its ability to provide value and have a stake in the value produced.

First, we recommend you establish specific and relevant challenges. People must identify with these, and you need to align them with your business or strategic challenges. Remember to consider and capture your different stakeholders’ profiles. Give them the chance to contribute, not only with ideas but also with assessments of others’ ideas, and to activate the platform’s social components, such as leaderboards.

Platform accessibility and usability must be improved and game techniques used to make participation fun and continuous, developing more use and loyalty. Gamification, in particular, can play a leading role in motivating people and compelling them to jump in and bring value to your initiatives.

You also need to draw up a productive and appealing incentive plan – including prizes and recognition – and a strong, effective communication plan to guarantee community awareness, maximise participation and foster collaboration. The more individuals see the success of projects to which they’ve contributed, the more likely they are to continue to be mobilised.

The 2nd key success factor of innovation management

Can you master the 3 key success factors of innovation management?

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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