The ultimate innovation management success factor

Most innovations come through steady, continuous improvement. We’ve seen how engagement and efficiency are key in your idea management processes. Yet, embedding innovation as corporate culture takes time and perseverance.

That’s why you have to capture every single tangible and intangible win at the beginning and throughout the process. Share and celebrate individuals and your community’s achievements.

Periodic and other ongoing cycles of urgent, meaningful challenges; clear owners and good resources; updated incentives and communication plans and game mechanics – they all work together to create a desire to come back and participate, ensuring your programme’s continuity.

Strive also to make the most valuable ideas come alive as soon as possible, to give your programme credibility. Remember that experimentation and a (low) level of risk have to be part of this continuously evolving process.

Finally, this process needs to deliver value. Otherwise, your initiative will die. The software is a means, not an end, and it should make your life easier. Sustainability is your ultimate key success factor, as well as a goal in itself.

What we’ve learned about the idea management challenge

Can you master the 3 key success factors of innovation management?

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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