Exago’s tip on innovation’s social features

The world has gone social and if you’re setting policies that restrict social interaction at work, you’re missing an opportunity. Your innovation play, whatever it is, needs to be a social play if you really want to keep engagement high. Again, engagement is the fuel to sustain value creation.

You have two alternatives: you can choose an innovation software solution that includes social features, allowing individuals to interact with each other and collaborate (and yes, have some fun). Or you can choose software that works like the traditional idea box – the black hole where responses are entered without ever knowing what happens.

One comes with engagement. The other doesn’t. You decide which you prefer.

Insight: “The ‘Millennials’ generation, today’s ‘digital natives,’ may require engagement strategies of their own. Companies that adopt some of the Millennials’ behaviour, and the collaboration and social media tools that they use to exchange ideas, will be well positioned to unleash these leaders of the future.” (Demystifying Innovation, PWC, 2011).

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder

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