TIP: You’re not Google or Facebook, are you?

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For 2015, forget about inspirational success stories of companies that schedule and internalise innovation time – such as Google with its 20 Percent Time policy (one day each week for all employees to devote to personal innovative projects), 3M with its 15 Percent Time, Apple with its Blue Sky project and Facebook with innovation Hackathons.

Forget about companies that celebrate failure enthusiastically as part of the road to profit. Again, you’re not Google or 3M. You’re not Apple or Facebook.

Forget also about copying their models and pasting it into your business. Their models are based on processes, tools, technologies, culture, values and metrics that are distinct to their own companies.

How to play the game
We can offer no one-size-fits-all recipe for innovation excellence. But, for the year ahead, we do offer our set of tips that will help you design and adapt your own innovation programme. One that will allow you to out-innovate your competitors. This is the ultimate goal and should be the focus of your efforts.

Innovation is a process of trial and error. As long as you keep moving forward, recognising and celebrating your achievements, you’re in the game.

How do you make sure you’re moving forward as fast as you can, with as much success as possible? The answer lies in a strong foundation: Make sure you have the basics in place before launching your innovation programme. Then, persevere.

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder / pcc@exago.com

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