Where in the world is the audience for your open innovation programme?

As we’ve seen, you’ll have to create audience-centric content to capture your open innovation audience. But, you should consider to locate suitable community places, as well as aligning your communication messages with your targets, places, channels and value pools. Your communication plan needs to include key timing, targets, formats and messages – to meet programme objectives.

To guarantee your programme’s success, you have to both identify where you can find your stakeholders online, in social networks and other forums, and communicate assertively in these places.

This type of solution and systematic approach ensures the maximum relevant participation. By activating integration with the main social networks – such as Facebook and Twitter – directly from the platform, participants can use their own logins to register their presence and share all content extensively across these media.

Pedro da Cunha, Exago’s co-founder/ pdc@exago.com

Never forget your most valuable innovation asset

Open innovation and the fight for your audience

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Never forget your most valuable innovation asset